Oct 6, 2008

PERFECT FITS "Radio Transmitter" 7inch EP and PERFECT FITS/TWINKLE VAN WINKLE split 7inch EP

PunkPowerPop cooked it Southern style. The Perfect Fits feature Memphis mainstays Scott Rogers (Cool Jerks, Dutch Masters ) & Tommy Trouble (Final Solutions, Dranks) and bring Ramones overtones to the proceedings but that thing is kinda unavoidable when doing something out of this template. It's how ya make use of that template is what the important thing is and these guys use it pretty well. They know that slinging the guitars low and wearing Chuck Taylors are part of it but it's not the only thing, y'know.
Over the last couple of weeks "(My Heart's A) Radio Transmitter" has become the unofficial opening theme songs that starts off my Wednesday night radio show. It's tough yet catchy, shiny yet glossy and packed with equal amounts of sincerity and sarcasm. The last song to get dubbed my unofficial opening theme song was "Multiple Girls" by the Black & Whites which is a tune along the same lines soundwise as this. That might have something to do with a Oxford/Memphis connection though (more on that in a few). Side two's "Songs About Girls" is asks the musical question/makes the musical statement "We know the world is in the shitter and you're really pissed off. Why not lighten up for a bit and write about something that has made billions feel better for many a year." Nope, this is not the kinda song that makes you want to mope ya dope. Take that frown, turn it upside down and jump around.
Kicking off their side of the Contaminated Records split single with Twinkle Van Winkle is "Childish Ways" a twang-banger that hops on it's Sears Spirit of '76 edition Free Spirit (yep, sissy bar and all) and pedals down to the arcade to buy some kicks off a guy that looks a lot like Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick. ""All Cried Out" pulls out Merseybeat drama roots from of Davie Allan's garden then replants them in their own Memphis backyard.
No matter how much I like their two songs on the split though (and I do dig 'em quite a bit) the Possessor of one fine honey & gravel voice Twinkle Van Winkle and her predominately Oxford, Ms. based (see I told ya there was some kinda connection) band featuring the likes of a one Mr. Tyler Keith on lead guitar (and Scott of the Perfects Fits on bass too) steamroll right over 'em. A single guitar starts off the blare before everything else kicks into a deep south beach party (okay, maybe not an ocean or one of the Great Lakes but there large bodies enough bodies of water to throw one if ya look hard enough) groove that is "Ain't Wastin' Time". Though there may be hints of vulnerability in Miss Van Winkle's voice when she lays it down and tells ya she doesn't need to spend her time with someone that treats her wrong you can bet your boots that by that tough as nails command she has in her voice she means it. "Love You So Hard" is almost like a Blondie song from "Plastic Letters" but catchier...and, thanks to a looser production (dig the loud ass and brittle guitar solo) than ANY Blondie record had, much more immediate and real. I'm thinking one of the Twinkle songs is gonna become the next unofficial theme of my radio starting TOMORROW!

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