Oct 19, 2008

Lagunita's We're Only In It For The Money Ale

This is what I believe to be the fourth in Lagunita's series of Frank Zappa dedicated ale's. Proceeding it was an American IPA under the name "Freak Out", an Imperial IPA called "Kill Ugly Radio", Brown Ale "Lumpy Gravy" and this, "We're Only In It For the Money", a Tripel.
Nice honey gold color with a good amount of sediment floating around. Not much of a head even experimenting with some different pours from the bomber and no lacing at all. Like the color there is a scent of honey along with prominent malt and some fruit cocktail thrown into the mix.
It's very much a Tripel in flavor. A little spicy but not the almost stinging and sweet bite that some other American takes on the style like Victory's Golden Monkey has. Peppery and banana flavors are the dominant first things in the taste, fruit & nut bread in the middle and a slight woodsy sweetness shaking hands with a hop kiss at the end. As it's warms a little some sour fruit characteristics of lemon and green apple start to come out a little bit as well. Firm bodied and other than a warming of the 8% abv as it goes down not much of a syrupy lingering too long ending that sometimes become a little too much with some Tripels.
Lagunita's is doing these in album release order with permission from the Zappa trust. That means next on the list is "Crusin' with Rueben & the Jets". Wonder what they have up their sleeve for that one.


carson said...

You never appeared to be a Zappa fan to me?

kev! said...


Dale said...

I'm not...the beer was good though.

sanilac brew head said...

Not a huge Zappa fan here either. Had some housemates in college that were though. I don't mind that album but this beer is much better than it.