Oct 23, 2008


With band names that sound like a really seedy drive in double feature once again Columbus, Ohio brings more of that really odd rock loudness to the (turn) table.
Day Creeper's songs could be described as "pop" cuz it's pretty damn catchy in some of the more recent Jay Reatard kinda way and Hell, maybe even "new wave & nervy" in the same sorta way. That's not to say it sounds like some Jay Reatard knock off though. Day Creeper have their own kinda choppy and stomping damage going on. "And How" has Brit D.I.Y. tendencies stamped all over it while "My Blue Screen" touches on Devo pulling out a bit of 60's teen tragedy croon out of their hats and smothering it with total toxic organ whirrings. Both songs quick, curt and to the point but even if they lasted a little a longer it would most likely take a while for them to wear out their welcome.
In contrast to Day Creepers easy to get grabbed by hooks Night of Pleasure's "Spasm Chasm" shoves your ears in a metal trash can then pile on bags upon bags of sludge, scree, scuzz and disturbingly hypnotic repetition til yr almost suffocating and kick it all down a jagged rocky hill. When that ride finally grinds to a halt you ask if you can go again. They say no but then drag up behind a rattletrap called "Hipster Downgrade"-a clattering piece of wide open spaces guitar noise and junkyard percussion that ALMOST makes Psychedelic Horseshit sound like the Jefferson Starship in comparison.


carson said...

if it makes PsycHS sound like JeffStarshup does that mean NightOPleasure are the GDead?

carlo(ad)s said...

I thought Black Mountain were the new Grateful Dead

carson said...

Black Mountain are the new Deep Purple