Oct 20, 2008

DAVILA 666 s/t LP

Trying to think of a band that came from Puerto Rico and the only one I can recall without racking my brain too much is Puya. The only reason why I even recall them is because a record label rep that came into the record store I worked in at the time was really pushing them and one of the selling points that they were from Puerto Rico. Being in a Midwest tumbledown town stuff like that didn't matter...but the fact that they were on tour with on tour with Slip-FUCKING-knot though!
Damn! Dude!
The only thing that still rivals ICP t-shirts in this town almost a decade later from their height are Slipknot t-shirts!
That angle didn't seem to work out they way their label though either I guess. The last time I heard their name was when me and wife were at a flea market a year or so ago and she called out to me "Ever heard of this band? There's 20 promo copies of their CD in a box over here."
With that impression though Puerto Rico's Davila 666 as far as you can get from such drop tuned "everybody have a bad time and punch whoever you can" grunt. Half the of this six piece band (which include 3 guitar players and someone who's job is to shake a tambourine & maracas and to provide some back up vocals) look like wrestlers with the fashion influence of 50's bikers and the other half resembling scrawny kids that could be making noise in any garage/basement/youth hall anywhere in the world. This SOUNDS like it's all about having a good time but, just like most other average Americans, I can only guess if that's what the songs are about because I never bothered to learn much Spanish. The words I do know though and I can pick out of the lyrics it doesn't sound like they are inviting everyone to come and get bummed out with them. More like they're inviting you to come along to their party. Loud rock-n-roll guitars dominate the proceeding along with lots of scream/shout/praise/rejoice sing a-long gang chorus sounding at times the Black Lips if they dropped the jangle for a bit and went for getting James Williamson's guitar sound from "Raw Power." To switch up such straight to the hips knuckleballs every now and again they throw a curve by totally showing their love for Jesus & the Mary Chain. I mean spot on with the wide open blare, creaky whispering vocals and heavily reverberated tambourine.

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