Oct 2, 2008

Dark Horse Scotty Karate Scotch Ale

Named after, approved by and endorsed by eccentric (to say the least) one man band Scotty Karate, Marshall, Michigan's brewers Dark Horse offer up their 9.25% abv take of the difficult to do correctly Scotch Ale style.
Pouring a very dark mahogany in color with all kinds of non-filtered sediment goodness floating around and a minimal head that's gone in seconds and lacing that is slight they're off to a good start to at least what yours truly looks for in this style. A sweet caramel & toffee scent are right up front. Yep! Big and malty! They are then complimented by some smokey and earthy undertones.
Whole lotta caramel flavor in the first sip with something like a dark roast coffee with a chocolate covered cherry soaking in it chaser right on directly behind it. There's a lot of fat end body in this brew so it coats as it goes down leaving a coffee/chocolate/cherry taste on the back of your mouth and a very warming sensation down the throat and through the body. Woo! Watch out though cuz a bit of a peppery alcohol bite snaps at you in it's finish. The sweet and bitter balances are full of all kinds of flavorful complexities. Yep! Another damn good brew from Dark Horse.


sanilac brew head said...

Good, good stuff. Hope we can get their blueberry stout around here soon.

Dale said...

Ryan's & Wolvo's say they are working on it but, as usual, it's a wait-n-see thing when it comes to a lot of Michigan beers coming to this part of Michigan.

Oh, Ryan's has Founder's Breakfast Stout in stock right now. I must warn you though-be prepared for sticker shock. The stuff ain't cheap.

carson said...

you can say that again. 6 bucks for one bottle in Bay City.