Nov 15, 2008

Bell's Hell Hath No Fury Ale

Out of all the limited/seasonal brews that Bell's makes this, what they've dubbed as an "American dubbel", is one of their most rare with it's approx. 4 week brewing period. It's also one of the most interesting in the long and delicious lines of the company too and as any Bell's fan knows that's saying a lot.
Dark brown in color with a pinky finger size head that doesn't stick around very long but does leave a thin frost on the windows type of lace all the way through drinking. Roasted malt, smokey maplewood and caramel are the dominant aromas with a slight nip of spicy alcohol in there as well. The texture of the brew itself is smooth but not too thick allowing all kinds of complexities to appear in the taste from start to finish. Up front it's almost like coffee but tempered with the flavors of dark cherries. Toffee and vanilla characteristics have a huge presence in the middle but are also split with a very distinct roasted malt taste. The sweet and lingering finish/aftertaste has hints of black licorice but nothing that would bum out those who don't like the taste of black licorice.
Growing up in Michigan and being planted here still now to who knows when I've gotten used to this time of the year when the signs of a snowy, long, cold & reeking havoc on my home heating bill winter is just up the block and waiting patiently to make it's presence known. Things like Hell hath No Fury make such news a little easier to take.


sanilac brew head said...

I've been enjoying a six pack of this over the last two nights. Very, very good.

Kent said...

The store I go to had a case of this. I was glad to get a 6 of it because it was all gone a week later and was informed there would be no restock because it was that limited. I love Bells beer.