Oct 12, 2008

Avery Karma Ale

According to the label spiel (Avery always has a speil about what each particular brew is about along the side of the label. Without 'em it just wouldn't be part of their charm) Karma is the union of a Farmhouse and a Pale. Big on the Belgium tip too it seems as well. Interesting idea. I like the concept of Farmhouse ales but just could not get into Avery's last foray into them with their Fifteenth Anniversary at all. Maybe pollinating such a style with the venerable pale might just work though. They only way to find out is to try it and see, right?
Dark orange in color with a cloudy clarity. The head is one of those great ones that Avery's always seen to have. About an inch deep, fluffy and thick that melts away at it's own pace leaving a hearty amount of lacing. Malt and yeasty are the main scents with slight notes of honey, pepper and green apple but none of them really jump out.
With the malt taking the lead in the taste the honeyish characteristics come out more in the flavor grabbing right on tight to it. As the beer warms touches of vanilla show up and there's a light hop and pepper qualities in the semi dry finish. As a whole a little more complexity would be cool but it has enough to make it interesting. Though this is a little lighter than most beers of a Belgium persuasion it still has decent body and goes down pretty easy.

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freaknhell said...

Love your blog and how you incorporate good brew and good music! I just started a blog of my own along the same lines, hope you don't think I ripped you off heh. Cheers!