Apr 24, 2009

Abita Jockamo IPA

Is this an IPA? Well, It looks like one. Rusty orange and see through in color, decent head and an okay amount of lacing but then IPA characteristics seem to quickly diminish after that. Not much of scent really and what ya can smell is mostly malt. Not detecting much of a hop aroma at all which, for an IPA as far as this reporter is concerned, is something that is mandatory. Without it anywhere on the nose is there really much of a chance much of any on the tongue either? Most likely not and this is no exception to the rule.
Mostly metallic tinged malt taste with a bit of caramel coating in the mouth and just a slight (and I do mean slight) fruity hop bitterness. To say it's a little underwhelming in the flavor department is not an understatement. It's not gross tasting or anything but it sure is boring and lacks the things that make an IPA taste like an IPA let alone one to get excited about.


Len said...

Abita sucks. Tourists and transplants are fooled though. Dixie beer sucks too.

sanilac brew bead said...

I like Abitas Strawberry ale. I haven't tried Jockamo though.