Sep 15, 2008

the STAAGS! "Adult Brigade" 7inch EP

Usually when some band claims to be hardcore and/or thrash these days I'm usually a little apprehensive when it comes to giving them a listen. The reason is because it's usually just drop D tuned mook rock without any guitar solos.
"See, it has no guitar solos" it's then explained to me that that's what makes it hardcore and not metal. Pfft. It's the moments like that where I swear that actual old guys are right and the kids today don't know shit.
I know there's at least one guy in the Staags! that grew up in hardcore's golden era of the mid 80's and even though he looks like he belongs in a band that opens for Ekoostik Hookah it seems that his pent up rage he harbors in the straight world is a lot of the inspiration and one of the driving forces of this 6 songs done almost in as many minutes slab.
The cover sleeve features a massacre in the workplace motif and there's an insert explaining what a project manager does. I had a CD-R copy of this record for a few months before it was officially released and used to crank it loud when I sitting in my little workplace cubicle on the weekends (and I had to work every weekend because a) I was the low man on the totem pole and b) I was the only one not related to the boss) and no one would bother me. They wouldn't even poke their nose in because I think they were afraid I might snap and didn't want to be on the receiving end of it. Whether it was totally identifying with "Forfeited My Youth" and "Dissatisfied", knowing exactly what they are getting at with the sentiments of "Get Off My Lawn" or snickering at "Bat Shit Crazy" (cuz I know the person who was the inspiration behind it...and she asked me "Is it a nice song?") I would waste my mindless day babysitting telephones and fax machines while mapping out the ultimate skatepark, looking forward to the beer I had chilling in my fridge that was waiting for me when I could clock out and go home and thinking "Man, this is the kinda stuff Pig Champion would rock out when he still weighed under 300 lbs." You know, real hardcore....with fucked up guitar solos and everything!!!

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