Sep 2, 2008


In these parts a party bus usually equals some mustache'd lunkheads and their ditzy-n-bitchy female counterparts crammed into a 16 passenger van with some cases of Corona Light in a cooler and Nickelback on the speakers heading down to a ballgame or a local cheesy cover band borrowing their brother-in-law's camper van and offering anyone who cares a free ride so they can can have a crowd at some Battle of the Bands type thing a county or two later. Needless to say because of this I usually pass on anything that involves those two words together. However if someone offered me a ride from Disneyland to the Windy City on the party bus this record celebrates I would actually stand in line to score a boarding ticket.
Orlando Fla.'s Slippery Slopes set the rules of the road right off that bat by informing everyone in a Supercharger getting a nasty sunburn manner that they don't need no nerds bringing the party down so step off if you were thinking about bringing one along (and that goes doubly if your a girl who has a dork of a boyfriend that wants to along). The tune is titled, what else but, "No Nerds". Their second song on this slab, "Bikini Beach", attacks more serious matters of burning your feet on the hot sand while dragging along a cooler of Coors because you have to. Why? Because it's bikini season again! Jeez! Why else?
Flip it over and we reach our destination of Chicago with Johnny & the Limelites. Sure, Chicago is known as the Windy City and all that but they have some Lake Michigan coastline to take full advantage of in the warm months. These guys take that advantage to the fullest extent with "Summer Of Fun" copping a bits from "Land Of Thousand Dances" if it was done originally by a special ed class along with a drunk garage punk pound & an strangled guitar solo that praises all things great like barbeques, doing cannonballs into a swimming pool and opening windows up all the way. If you don't wanna join in with the call & response it's obviously you're a Captain Bringdown that would be no fun to take a roadtrip with. Sure, in some parts of the world summer is coming to a close but this can keep that particular party spirit going on even into the winter months.

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