Sep 26, 2008

QUAN & the CHINESE TAKEOUTS "Crazy Pills" 7inch

One of these days the state of California will have to pick a place to erect a statue in tribute to the Lazy Cowgirls. Or if not the the entire band at least to Pat Todd and Dee Dee Weekday. It would have to be the state that does it though cuz it's highly likely any of the bands they influenced in the post-post "Real Rock-n-Roll like the Rolling Stones" world don't have the cash to get it together themselves. It's not their fault or anything. It's just that they're out of step with what the majority of the straight world thinks is rock-n-roll. Hell, it's most likely some out there that actually think Michael J. Fox invented rock-n-roll because of what they saw in the "Back To The Future". It's a sad state of affairs but what can one do?
Unfortunately, not much so ya learn to deal with it, turn up the amps and pretend that those type of jerks don't even exist. Fed on a diet heavy on substances like New York Dolls slime, Sunset Strip sleaze and some of that white boy soul the Lyres would flirt with on more than just an occasion L.A.'s Quan & the Chinese Takeouts take their call of rock-n-roll duty very seriously. Dive bars all over the world could be shakin' to these two tunes if it was for that group of ironic jokesters that loaded 10 bucks into the jukebox so they could hear a bunch of Neil Diamond and Stevie Nicks songs. Eventually someone get's pissed, unplugs the jukebox and then waits for a fight. Of course the hipsters who thought the slew of bad songs were funny don't say a word and slip out the backdoor before things get hairy for 'em. That's then this band's cue to tune up, count off and get those in search of an actual good time to break more than a sweat.

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