Sep 22, 2008

PINK REASON "3:16" 7inch

This is the first in the series of Columbus Discount Records singles club. 250 copies on bubblegum pink vinyl. Inner sleeve liner notes written by Pink Kevin giving a little history behind the songs and why he chose them for this record (and if you've ever read/heard any of his stories you know it's a doozy).
Both songs date back to the band's inception. "3:16" is something that starts out crawling like a slug then someone gets out a salt shaker to see what happens. Eventually, the meander turn into a slashing fit. Knives and blood gets drawn. It ends up being a really messed up scene so everything gets set on fire to destroy the evidence. In one of the other sorta recent reviews we've done for a Pink Reason record it here it was mention that one particular tune was the closest they've come to working a "garage rock riff". Well, with "Sweet Sinister" (named after a substance that has kept many a contributor to the Pink Reason mission up for more days than they'd care to count) ya get the closest to a "blues rock riff" that they've attempted. Given the date the song was originally conceived and the company that was being kept at the time-having the Mystery Girls as cronies in chemical indulgence probably holds a larger influence than whatever White Stripes record was on people's lips at the time.

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