Sep 19, 2008

MISS CHAIN & the BROKEN HEELS "Boys and Girls" 7inch EP

Yeah, summer's over but a month ago to the day we were in the prime of it and to make things ever better us here at Smashin' Transistors were spending it with Miss Chain & the Broken Heels as they played 3 shows in the area. Such bright, sunshiny and dance along with sounds. If their single from early in the year was a little coy & unstated in it's production to some ears this one's a bit more forward and confident. Stepped up in the tracks used department and the Broken Heels more cohesive as a band unit these two songs will charm the socks off you in a way only Italians can.
"Boys and Girls" like all the good things of a summer break away somewhere when you're 15 where it's all about chatting up and fooling around as much as you can cuz you may never see the person again done in a Girl Group meets power-pop style before all the frills get added. Y'know dirty fingernails, sneaking cigarettes when the parents won't catch you, not minding your manners and a really cool guitar solo in the middle. "My Gang" invites you into the kinda of trouble Nikki & the Corvettes would've gotten into if they would've taken a trip to Nashville to hang out with Carlene Carter.
Some pics from the Broken Heels stay in Michigan's thumb

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