Sep 11, 2008

the MAHONIES "Hey We Got Coneys. It's Great! Let's Dig In" 7inch EP

In a conversation I had with the Fabulous Andy G some years back I learned that Michigan's translation of what a Coney Dog is something different that what it means to a life long NYC resident as himself. Y'see, over there it's a hot dog with some sour kraut on top. Here in Great Lake state it's a hot dog but it's top is smothered with chili, onions and mustard. The onions and mustard are optional but in Michigan if it doesn't have the chili it's just a regular hot dog...and sour kraut? What the hell? That's something you simmer in a big pot with some polish sausage or bratwurst. On a hot dog though? Not all common in these parts.
The Mahonies are from Michigan are not of a common style either. They're the types that would put a Detroit Coney Dog with the works (chili, onions, mustard AND cheese be it a slice of American, grated cheddar or a scoop of that orange liquid that 7-11 has to put on the top of nacho's) along with sour kraut in a blender, tape the sound it makes and then write a song about doing it.
Be it the Half Japanese spazz shakes hands with the Cramps blues, a special needs class playing their own version alienated kid hardcore, drinking til they get sick on Flipper grind then puking up Mr. California's blood or being two kids that got beat up a bit in junior high til they learned they could make people laugh by doing something just simply messed up the Mahonies are at it. Eight quick and stupid globs of noise that will probably show up in a government study of what is wrong with the youth of today.

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