Sep 18, 2008

the EEGOS "If You Ain't Shakin'" 7inch EP

Pogo dancing. Yeah, it's gotta be one of the top 5 punk rock cliches that even great-grandmothers know but boy, when you're a kid, it was an ultimate thing to do. According to my intermediate aged son it still pisses off jocks and teachers. Portland Oregon's Eegos have made a total pogo around the room record here. It's seems a little unfair to whip out Heartbreakers, Buzzcocks and Damned or hell any general '77 reference because so many bands ape that sound so poorly these days it could almost be taken as an insult.
If you ain't shakin' you must be fakin' and these guys don't need ya around. There's a complete snot bag in the sewer rock-n-roll swagger that all those other bozo's try really hard to pretend they have. These four songs of broken beer bottles all over the stage sleaze rock it ain't trying. It their way of life. Betcha it pisses the squares off too. Squares don't like dancing and this makes ya wanna dance around like a fool.

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