Sep 10, 2008

Arbor Sacred Cow IPA

Whoah! Someone at this Ypsi, Michigan based brewery really loves to kick up the carbonation! The softest pour (I learned with my first go round with an Arbor Brewing beer that ya gotta watch it) caused a huge explosion of foam in the glass. Like 4 ounces of beer and the rest a head flowing out an all over the place. It's a bit out of hand don't ya think? Waiting about 5 minutes for it to subside somewhat it does leave quite a bit of lacing. Not a thick one or anything but a bunch of spotting and a cap that is all about retention.
Hazy and dark orange in color with some unfiltered particles dancing around. Mild and earthy on the nose with a light scent of hops and malt. Surprised that with all the out of control fizz upon pouring that the brew itself has nice, creamy body. It's not some thick beer or anything but far from thin. Right in the middle. Spicy and dry in the taste with a tinge of sour apple and dried orange peels. Not really a whole lot of the grapefruity like burn that I usually prefer in my IPA's though but it's not bad. Kinda reminds me of and IPA leaning towards trying to be a Belgium ale the more I think of it but not quite that either. It's a weird one. Would I suggest this to someone who is not familiar with IPA's and wants to try one that is of amazing top shelf quality? Nah, it's got something a little odd about it but it's worth a try if ya spot it on a racks at your friendly neighborhood beer merchant but no need to go out of your way to seek it out if not.

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