Aug 7, 2008

Harpoon IPA

Because when I'm out in a social situation and tend to yack on about beer almost as much as music to the point where my beer ramblings get published in actual paper and ink print here and there people around my hometown tend to think I'm some beer expert. Far from it and all actuality...I just know what I know and like what I like but it doesn't stop folks from asking me what I think. Recently someone picked my brain about "gateway" beers. Y'know, the ones for those that are interested in something better than your average macro but aren't ready to go feet first and over their head into hops and malts. Along with Sierra Nevada, Bells and Anchor Steam-Harpoon is always on the top of the list for for such recommendations.
Dark gold in color and a one finger quickly fading head is how it looks. Laces a bit more sticky than expected judging from how soon the head vanished. Grassy scent with hints or caramel. Neither of which are very strong if one but it sure got more aroma than a Bud or Labatt Blue. Taste is along the same lines. Slight metallic hop bitterness up front but muted by the malt. Pretty much the same thing going down the throat but with a little bit of a citrus tang sticking to the back. A little bit more carbonation than needed for this style usually but it's easy drinking.
Nah, Harpoon isn't out to knock the snobbiest of the beer snobs socks off but as a starter for someone just dabbling, an old reliable when others just ain't striking the fancy at the time or something to take to beach that ain't all burly but isn't watered down horse piss Harpoon deserves their space on the good beer shelf.

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sanilac brew head said...

Harpoon's are a standard. Good enough for both the novice and pro.