Aug 28, 2008

Great Lakes Holy Moses

There have been accounts in other places that discuss, critique and even sell beer where people have mentioned that Great Lakes is a Michigan company. Well, they are on a Great Lake but it's Lake Erie which is considered the bastard son (Let's not even discuss the goofs of Lake Champlain or Lake St. Clair trying to get in on the party, okay?) of the largest freshwater area in the world and their based in Cleveland, Ohio NOT Michigan. It's not all that big of a deal but we here at Smashin' Transistors felt that the geographical gaffe had to be clarified before this review could continue.
Holy Moses pours gold in color with a slight haze and a little tint of orange. Half inch head fades fairly quick leaving a cloud cap on top and a spotty lace. The aroma's are right in line of what a quality Witbier should smell like but with a little twist. There's the obvious bready, orange peel and coriander (and to this nose the right amount of coriander-some brews in this style go a little do much with it) smells but also something else. Guessing it as the presence of chamomile that is used in it I asked the better half. She confirmed my guess and with her being the wit head in this house (she drinks maybe two beers a month and if she had her way Victory's Sunrise and Whirlwind would be available year round) took a sip, raised her eyebrows and gave an "Mmmm!" as approval, took another sip and then went and got one for herself. I tried to get her to write her take on the beer after that but she shot me down saying "You're the beer geek here. It's your job...but this is a very good beer" as she headed off to the front porch swing with a book in one hand and a pint glass in the other. I had yet to taste it but after her delicate palate was tantalized I knew my chances of being impressed were better than usual (especially when it comes to Wit's. The most minor thing in one of them can turn me off in an instant).
Damn! There's all kinds of flavor right off from when it first touches the lips. Lemony bite backed up with a fresh out of the banana bread like warmth. In the middle there a crisp and bold spiciness courtesy of the coriander and especially the chamomile which add a very interesting complexity to the brew. Not overly sweet like a lot of the American takes can be nor that almost artificial citrus flavoring taste that a lot of them have. The mouth feel is full and fluffy. Not thin & fizzy but not superthick either. It finishes clean and just a slight sweet tang. Good stuff. Looking forward to trying some of their other brew styles very soon.

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