Aug 20, 2008

the GAG FACTORS "We Rock You Suck" 7inch

Leaning towards the "hard rock" side of the 3 chord Ramones influenced pop punk Italy's Gag Factors aren't blazing some trail that oodles haven't stomped before but that not gonna stop people checking out the hike for themselves for decades to come just like it has been decades it's been since it started.
"Gag Factor" (the band's theme song maybe or perhaps following in the step of other bands like Iron Maiden and Talk Talk that have a song who's title shares that of the band name) is loud and fast paced sounding like a day at the beach where not taking off the leather jacket is making a statement. "Starry Eyes" is not the Roky Erickson song but the 25cent 45 bin standard by the Records with louder guitars and gruffer singing.

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