Aug 21, 2008

the BLANK ITS "Windows Are Dirty" 7inch

"Windows Are Dirty" opens with a sound something like two wood blocks being whacked across your temple's for a beat. It's then joined by a guitar whirlpool that tosses, turns and spins you around dizzily til it pulls you under murky water. The rhythmic cadence of it could almost be considered mechanical if it weren't a mutant surf bounce that tossed everything around while a cyborg barks & mumbles taunts through a fast food restaurant's drive through intercom. This is where the theory of de-evolution finds itself with nowhere to go but to crawl back up the food chain. On the other side of this slab "Divorce" grinds and bops like Tyvek doing an interpretation of the Jam doing a feel good about a not too feel good situation with Rosie the maid from the Jetsons surly nephew on the mic.


Anonymous said...

you really need a refresher course in composition don't you?

Dale said...

You just figured that out?