Aug 18, 2008

BLACK ORPHAN "Circuits" 7inch EP

You ever had the experience where your teeth itch? Usually it such an experience comes from drugs, fingernails dragged across a chalkboard or another night of food packaged in tin foil plates. Depending on where you mind is set or wants to be set off into this can be the most amazing experience or another bit of time spent in a vortex of painful irritation. Black Orphan keep you balancing along that thin line of bliss and distress.
Masterminded by a Spits member this record is a session of claustrophobic confusion where super distortion is piled on everything from guitars that buzz like a transformer in a remote field that supplies power to an area that is overrun by creepy cross-eyed farm families reminding one of Cab. Voltaire's "Nag Nag Nag" to the Bryan Ferry on a second bottle of cough syrup vocals to the overload of of digital blips of standing in the middle of a video arcade on a hit of jittery microdot. Careful where you step. That mud puddle may be caustic.

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