Aug 6, 2008

BEAUTIFUL TRAPS "Wooden Skull" 7inch EP

With this record's packaging in being a silk screened & hand sewn sleeve baring a image of a bird with human skulls in it's nest expecting something a little more art-damaged than normal is usually a given. The opening seconds of the record (and later, the little bits between the songs) really make ya think that's what's gonna go on too. Then Guided By Voices lo-fi aesthetics, suckers for a power pop hook, frosty Echo and the Bunnymen reverb and the heartfelt ragged anthem lust of Midwest heroes like the Replacements before they made a major label deal with the devil meet at a 4 way stop, do a hesitation waltz wondering who should make the next move.


carson said...

The songs on their myspace page sound gay.

Dale said...

The stuff on their myspace page has a different approach than the tunes on the record though.