Aug 19, 2008

Avery Fifteenth Anniversary Ale

Each year the brew geniuses at Avery Brewing in Boulder Colorado do something a special bit off radar to celebrate birthday and this year was no different. On the bottle it informs us that this is one funky farmhouse ale. Not only did black mission figs (as opposed just regular figs) make it into the process but Hibiscus flowers and white pepper where somehow added to the ingredients somewhere along the way as well.
Nice right before dark orangeness in the color. A hearty thick head that left a whole lotta lace residue and a hearty cap through the whole thing.
I'm not really too familiar with the farmhouse ale style but the scant I tried so far did have an earthy and grassy scent. This smells "earthy" but instead of some wide flower meadow....well it smells more like the farm FIELD where the goats and chickens run around after a rain than it does the farmHOUSE up by the road with the scent of wild flowers in vases and the aroma of fresh baked rhubarb pie from the oven.
There's a weird tartness up front. Funk? Ya got that right. It's almost like they took dried orange peels and pepper corns and cooked them in butter til they were almost black. Maybe on some fish or an odd cut of beef it may be okay but it's just not cutting it here. This odd not all that pleasant stickiness goes away as the brew warms up. Problem is that the weird "organic fertilizer" scent gets stronger too. The smell kills noticing any other nuances which are just odd and not all that appetizing to this palate anyways. The finish is almost like a well balanced lemony summer whit but then that (ungood) funk shows up again.
Oh well, I guess Avery can't please all the beer schmoe's all the time. There's always next's years party calling card though.

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sanilac brew head said...

Farmhouse ales seem to be open to interpretations but me and my wife have liked others in the past but we're with you on this one. There's some just not right about it (and we are am an Avery fan as well).