Jul 11, 2008

ZOLA JESUS "Poor Son" 7inch EP

So now even the ladies are catching the weird wave. More ethereal than most of the boys drone, jerk & squall. Three moody Casio synth on the piano setting based songs that one moment start ya thinking something like Madonna getting heavy into Blues Control and making an album of torch songs under such an influence, others Suicide if Patti Smith sang and were produced by Richard Carpenter after a week long bender (Dunno if Richard Carpenter even drinks...so imagine where his mind would be at on a week long bender either way). Between side one's "The Way" (70's AM soul decaying in a crawlspace) and it's flip "Dog" (swirly and floating in space dream-pop) it's hard to call which one the sad girls of the world would warm up to first but one of them would be a hit in an alternate universe. Somewhere Ivo Watts-Russell (or Siltbreeze) is getting his ink pen that writes only in blood ready and luring Zola Jesus to sign on the dotted line.

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