Jul 25, 2008


My guess is that this Italian band took their name from the JG Ballard short story collection and not the Buggles song of the same title. Guessing this cuz it doesn't at all sound like the Buggles. Oddly enough though Ballard's usual world of Dystopia is not as glaring as usual in the characters or storyline's of that particular collection. It's much more organic but still has it's share of impersonal mechanical doubts. The Vermillion Sands sound like they were hired to have hands on the gears that move them at their own timing and pace cuz, well, they may shamble but get the job done at the end of the day.
The frilly lace fop folk of T. Rex's "A Beard Of Stars" album finds itself washed ashore. A sun kissed beach girl takes it home, nourishes it back to health on a steady diet of Jane Birkin, the Headcoatees then some Kraftwerk to balance the earthiness. Next it out to picnics in a park of rolling hills and wild flowers til finally these three songs of summer music were ready to be heard.

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Anonymous said...

This fucker knocked me flat! Quite the quiet achiever...