Jul 7, 2008

the UPTOWN BUMS "Just The Other Day" 7inch

Since this band is from Denton, Tx. I naturally assumed that there had to be a Wax Museums dude involved. After all, doesn't every band from there these days have at least one of them in the group. Apparently not this time though.
Three speedy & melodic loud pop numbers that have more than just a few stains around the cuffs. "Just The Other Day" pulls catches spit from the Jam's "This Is The Modern World" & some blood splatters from the Only Ones and rubs it all over whatever mixtape the Strokes had in their van tape deck that's runs a little too fast while lost somewhere in the deep south. On side two both tracks "Running My Mouth" and "Alvah's Ideas" are bit more in the hyper garage rock stomper vein complete with swirly keyboards, surfish guitar solos and an off kilter melody lines.

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