Jul 8, 2008

Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale

To say that this brew has a bit of an attitude is quite an understatement but the name alone should give that away. The back of the bottle has a manifesto about how this beer ain't for everybody especially "sniveling yellow beer drinking wimps" and though there is quite a bit a bravado going on they aren't lying either.
Dark copper and clear in color with decent size head from a medium pour but quite a bit of lacing though out the entire sipping from the glass. It smells of smoky dark fruits (black cherry and raisin is what I'm thinking), caramel and roasty malt but for the high hop profile it has not much of 'em really show up in the aroma. The flavor is quite complex and much different from what one would think strictly based off the scent. A spicy tart hop kiss touches the taste buds first but a warming molasses & malt thing surrounds it calming down. Somewhere in the middle there's a touch of black tea too. The hops and tea thing do tend to somewhat stick to the roof of the mouth but the finish, especially in the throat, is crisp and clean with a just a slight hop burn coming up as it's down the hatch. This not not a session beer (especially for the hot summer season we're in the middle of here in Michigan) but for a special occasion or just in the mood for something different.


darkest beers of the lake said...

Oak aged ones. You tried them yet?

Dale said...

I will someday but damn-it's quite pricey.

wheat said...

stone is lame.