Jul 14, 2008

the SMITH WESTERNS "Irukandji" 7inch EP

To borrow a cliche' from all the disgruntled & divorced insurance agents and accountants that drink low rent/phony "good beer" at the fancy bar downtown "Ahh, the youth is wasted on the young" (something they always say when after getting shotdown by a filly at least 15 years younger 'em).
"Well! Of course it is" I always shout towards from my seat at the bar. "If it wasn't how would have we all got wasted as youth? That's what it's all about, right?"
These Chicagoland snots aren't wasting anytime burning the candle at both ends.
"Irukandji" is a herk-n-jerk KBD styled number with shot up slurred backing up vocals and one of the silliest guitar solos pressed into vinyl in ages. "Crabman" and "Spiritus Sanctus" are 60's folk punk headbobbers getting run over and trampled on by a bunch of junior high kids on razor scooters and skateboards. No regard for anything other than trying to find someone to buy them beer and a place where grown ups wont find them and stomp all over their buzz. That's part of being young and the Smith Westerns are right at that age and Ahhh! What an age it is.
(the Smith Westerns will be playing with Miss Chain & the Broken Heels @ the Painted Lady in Hamtramck on Aug 16th and the Cement Bar Lodge in St. Clair, Mi on August 17th )


dr wayne said...

What? A rock show worth going to see in Mayberry?

Dale said...

The could get on the Port Huron bill because of age restrictions (they're some youngsters) but will be playing the Painted Lady in Hamtramck with Miss Chain and another band to be announced soon. They'll also might be playing a house party/bbq bash out in the St, Clair County sticks on the 17th of August too. That's sorta up in the air at the moment but more info coming soon.