Jul 22, 2008


It seems that whenever I'm talking to some rock-n-roller that isn't from this fine state and they find out I'm from Michigan an eventual conversation about Bob Seger will come up. It's always stuff like "Man, Live Bullet and Night Moves are awesome but that stuff he did after Against the Wind. Pheew! What happened?"
Then they expect me to sing along with them when they break out into a verse from "Hollywood Nights" or "Fire Down Below" if it comes on the jukebox.
"Fuck that. Old grandpa Bob was on the slide down when he formed the Silver Bullet Band! Wanna hear Seger ya gotta listen to the System!" I end up blurting when it's the boiling point hits. "Unexpurgated dirty white boy Detroit soul grease! I'm talking the sweat, dirt, clang and BEAT of Motor City music! Not that car commercial and watching the sunset stuff!
Bantam Rooster frontman, one time Dirtbombs member and proud Michigander Tom Potter along with Mr. Jim Diamond and Clutters dude Fred Beldin know exactly what I'm getting at and decided it was time to show those who don't know the Seger that RIGHTFULLY gives him the title of a Michigan musical legend. Recorded in two sessions (the first one with Jim Weber of the New Bombs Turk on bass and Come Ons drummer Pat Pantano-the second Dirtys/Luxury Rides powerhouse skinsman Nick Lloyd keeps the beat) that includes takes not only on the Systems Detroit FM standards til this day "Heavy Music" and "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man" and total classic "Down Home" (a song that if Seger wrote and recorded today the way it sounds then would be a centerpiece track on an album he'd release on In The Red) but even more obscuro's tunes that his band that proceeded the System the Last Herd did ("2+2=?", "Chain Smokin'" and "East Side Story"), "Get Down On Your Knees" (a song he wrote for the Underdogs in the mid 60's) and "Florida Time" originally credited to a band Seger had called the Beach Bums (who owed an obvious debt to the Beach Boys) where Jim takes the lead vocals and cool car tire spinning out sound effects. All songs here are played with a fire that equals that of the original records (if not more) just like they should. Wonder if Seger's heard this yet. Wonder if he's even remember that he wrote some of these songs.
Awesome "History Of Bob Seger" site


Doctor Wayne said...

at least the 'I egged Seger's cheating yacht' thing wasn't brought up again.

drew abbott said...

Seger needs to mainline some geritol and hang out in Detroit, He'd find some blow. Either a heart attack or some good songs in the end.
Seger hates the unions. He hate Michigan more than Jack White does too. Oh, and Gary Graff is a bottom. So is Dave Marsh.

Seger Fan said...

That's not really Drew Abbott, is it?

drew abbott said...

of course it's me! eho the fuck else would it be.