Jul 27, 2008


A Portland band that is fast, dumb and just wanting to make ya dance....or maybe make ya get in a fight....or fired from your job when ya show up smelling like vodka for the 3rd time in a week. Four Trash Fi no frills boozy punk numbers that hearken to the burning oil on a hot engine block stink sound of the Motards, Lou Reed if he somehow convinced Sonic's Rendezvous Band to let him hang around awhile and or one of those messed up kid's who put together a band together after hearing the Stooges Raw Power but almost gave up because every person he jammed with wanted to gay that shit up with some corny flash metal stylings. Finally he found the right guys to help him carry out the attack plan. Specializing in reckless speed, piss off thud and landing on their head all the time they decided to call themselves Reptilian Civilian!

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