Jul 1, 2008

PINK REASON "Winona" 7inch

Unless it's by someone with a handful of Dilaudid it's highly unlikely you'll ever hear a person describe Pink Reason's sound as "feel good music."
The out of tune acoustic guitar on a morphine drip and a cheap snare drum snap set to crawl of "Winona" provides a rusty barbed wired bed for Kevin to roll around in as he tells a tale of associating with tweakers and backwoods punk rockers in a small and barren Midwestern town. Weirded out folk dirges that channel the spirits of Skip Spence aren't suppose to make you comfortable and this takes that feeling to a plateau.
Side two's "Give Yerself Away" is Velvet's chug chatter and woozy one note piano bang being dropped onto a mountain of broken glass that was built by Michael Mooney and "Letting Go" takes cabaret jazz and stuffs it in a woodchipper operated by Charles Baudelaire. Even he asks "Why the long face?"

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