Jul 2, 2008

NICE FACE "Thing In My Head" 7inch

If the Blank Dogs are from space creatures of dour attitude and a preference for darkness then Nice Face are their happy go lucky younger siblings. The bedroom wave recording style and over modulated vocals are here but unlike the Blank Dogs reveling in a doomy/gloomy minimalism Nice Face go for a celebration of no budget orchestrations. "Thing In My Head" featured a hypnotic synth line that would do Krafwerk proud (well if Krafwerk weren't robots with no emotion that is. Nice Face sound like they don't mind partying. Krafwerk don't even smile.) and a guitar solo that sounds, well, pretty much rock-n-roll. The b-sides "Hidden Automatic" sounds like an outtake from the Cure's Faith album recorded in a funhouse full of mirrors where someone runs a Bruce Haack record through an effects modulator to capture a certain mood.

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