Jul 12, 2008

the MUSLIMS s/t 12inch EP

Making a scruffy jangle San Diego's Muslims sound is one of those that you could claim being from any year post the Velvet's 3rd album and no one would be the wiser. That's a good thing though cuz it is a sound that never loses it game as long as it is played right. From Jonathan Richman to Simply Saucer the Feelies to right up to darlings of the moment the Thomas Function and Tyvek it's been used as a springboard to try many different dives off.
Opener "Right Or Wrong" gallops out with a stoned on the range last round up with a still wet behind the ears handler in the saddle feel. Bouncing a bit high, almost falling off and overshooting the gate. Holding his ground none the less the job gets done with simplest of 3 chord skills and a surf beat played by Mo Tucker breakdown.
On the late summer at dusk highway rambler that is "Beside Myself" it's as if it was penned by Mercer and Million if they had the fire of someone years younger them when they were writing songs for the Good Earth album. Don't get me wrong-that Feelies album is in my top 25 favorite albums of all time (though it's placement where changes regularly) but "fire" isn't really a word I would use to describe that album. It's more of a smolder. Here you can see coals burning red. Side one finishes with "Call It A Day" a garage blues drone in the out of tune spirit of the Keggs, the Black Lips and the million between them that have done it too.
"Future Rock" blasts off side two with a "Foggy Notion" shake type thing then followed the Modern Lovers learning a Fall tune called "On My Time". " Religion" is all about slashed up six string blaaang, bass line repetition, an organ freak out that freaks out in some kinda "Interstellar Overdrive" way and a monotone chant. The record caps it off with "American" all slithering down a bumpy road into a dusty and blinding sunset.

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