Jul 18, 2008


Excluding the Lamps and moments on the last Dirtbombs album this has gotta be the noisiest record In The Red has put out in quite a coon's age.
Splitting the front of the body wide with rusty iron ax, then pouring nail polish remover in the wound these French commotion traffickers then pack it full of gunpowder and ignite it with misanthropic squall. To extinguish it they bring a a nasty torrent of wind and ice so cold it burns the skin on contact.
With vocals unintelligible even if you do understand the language-it's all squawks, gurgles and screams. Sonic Youth's old nightmares reinterpret the Pixies counter melodies then send them off far away to a land where people model themselves after the Shaggs and David Yow is the emperor. Spies riffs on a train hop off and steal motorbikes and ride off into the sunset of the Xpressway to yr skull running over snakes that spit fire and barely missing turned over dump trucks spewing lava all over the roadside.

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carson said...

Are you still paying for ITR releases as were other who dont even care get them for free?