Jul 30, 2008

the FOUR SLICKS "...In Bonneville" LP

Somewhat punk rock legend and current American in France Jon Von (the Rip Offs and Mr T. Experience) dragged his Parisian bandmates across US dirt last summer in a '63 Ford Falcon station wagon and played their drunk on leaded fuel rock-n-roll from one coast to another in under two weeks. Two parking lot oil changes, one fried generator and who knows how many beers. Then back to the land of the frogs where they laid the experience to tape and this being the result.
Roots based punk rock cranked up on high. Not in the "we're like Johnny Cash fronting Motorhead" (which so many bands try to claim but ya gotta wonder what Johnny Cash and Motorhead they're listening too cuz other than some lyrics about shooting someone and a loud strictly for loud sake guitar sound they don't ever sound close to such a description) over and over and over again thing that still dots the landscape years after the Suckersuckers and Nine Pound Hammer released their best albums. Think more along the lines of Jon's tunes in the Rip Offs slicked back with a couple cans of Murrays Pomade and the Sin Alley comp's as an only constant companion for a few months. Far from trying to be some type of purist fashion show but also managing from not stepping into a pile of Psychobilly shit or some other phony Hillbilly punk shtick of these times-the Four Slicks make music that should have them booked into playing classic car cruise nights from here to Oslo, Norway. Unfortunately the organizers of such things think glorified wedding bands playing tunes from Grease and a handful of Motown covers is more appropriate.

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