Jul 9, 2008

FAG COP "Illuminati Dollar" 7inch EP

Distorto spazz trash punk to a tee. Vocals sound like they're from the bottom of a running blender with rocks spinning in it while some wise guy revs up a jet engine outside for additional musical accompaniment along side of the guitar snarl.
The record bolts of the gate with "Illuminati Dollar" a 90's garage-punk style rager that's akin to playing a Teengenrate 45 at 78. All buzz-n-blur and flying out of control. It's followed by "Automatic Kansas" which gives the feeling of smacking your head against the pavement while a mic buried under a ton of toxic sludge captures it all.
Side two follows the same lines. "The Hole I Put My Love" is a short and sweet raw throated smasher and "Psychic Sickness" sounding like a New Bombs Turks tune recorded in Hell's 7th level on a micro-cassette recorder.

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