Jul 29, 2008

the DEAD RINGERS "I Want Out" 7inch EP

'77 influenced punk rock action never really goes out of vogue as long as it's done right. Problem is that a lot of the bands that do it pick the wrong parts of the style to follow. It's becomes more about the clothes, hair and the over usage of "Whoah Oh Oh" in the choruses. The Dead Ringers got better taste than a majority of such a lot.
T-shirts & jeans is what these Dead Ringers wear and their tunage is just as simple and stripped down. A guitar sound that spits pissed balls of fire at the gasoline the rhythm section is spilling all over the stage. The snot caked voiced of a singer jumps, rolls and fans the flame. The scumbag gloriousness of the Dead Boys butts heads with the seedy suave knack for a hook of the Devil Dogs. Then all end up getting in a fight due to drinking too many 40 ouncers at an empty swimming pool where all the skater meets after listening to the Flip Tops album 8 times in a row.

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