Jun 27, 2008

VIVIAN GIRLS "Wild Eyes" and "Tell The World" 7inches

Spinning this on my radio show a couple a days ago the phones started to light up. Granted, in this cowtown lighting up the phones normally means 4 different people called within an hour and none of them were that one guy who dials the place 10 times a day requesting the same damn Mars Volta song or "some classic stuff from Taking Back Sunday" (seriously I'm not making this up. The best part is hardly anyone ever fills his suggestions but he still calls like clockwork each and every day) but I took more than several calls in succession asking about who was the band I was playing?
"Is this some unreleased Shop Assistants stuff?"
"Frances McKee of the Vaselines has a new band?"
"Where can I get this? Oh, it's only on record? Why don't you ever play stuff that is available on CD?"
The "Wild Eyes" single is two songs of shimmery guitar blur-n-growl frosty girl voices. "Wild Eyes" puts DIY fingerprints all over a classic girl group sound while "My Baby Wants Me Dead" updates Ride's shoegazing in feedback finest moments with something that sounds like flowers in bloom than leaf bare trees.
The tracks from Tell The World single are taken from recordings made before the Wild Eyes stuff. It's a bit more choppy, angular and dingy but the sweetness-n-light still shine through.
Album out on In The Red in the fall.


carlo(ad)s said...

are you putting these records up on eBay to fund your next couple of releases?

Dale said...

No, but I got records that I'm gonna be eBaying soon enough.