Jun 9, 2008

the UNHOLY TWO "Kutter" 7inch

The first half of "Kutter" sounding like a Godflesh outtake getting cut into tiny bits with a band saw before it lands head first on it's noggin. Then it then screams and yells about who knows what (but whatever it is-I'm sure as hell it ain't all about sunshine and puppy dogs) over noise resembling a Brainbombs tribute to biker rock face planted face first in a pile of crank. It's b-side, "Porkys", may or may not be a tribute to the film where a lot of kids growing up in the 80's saw their first naked boobs on film but with a unstable rat-ta-tat-tat beat, raw throated barking and guitar noise that sounds like a 100 Shop-Vac's run through a distortion pedal playing the guitar solo from the Stooges "TV Eye" any drive in that would show it would be running a river of spilled blood halfway through the opening credits.
To get a little more inside the Unholy Two's mind check out this interview.


Carlo(ad)s said...

that laughing jesus is making me nervous.

carson said...

It sure is one maniacal looking savior.

wheat said...

Jesus slaves.