Jun 30, 2008

New Holland Dragon's Milk Oak Barrel Ale

Though I still don't put New Holland in the same top shelf category of other fine Michigan micro upstarts like Founders and Dark Horse do to some what I considered less than amazing takes on some beer styles here and there but when they do something good-It's REALLY GOOD. For that reason whenever something by them shows up on the shelves of this cowtown that I haven't tried before it's always worth giving at shot.
Very dark in color. Not pitch black or anything but it does look more like there's cola in the glass than beer. Minimal head but a consistant collar and spotty stick lacing. Roasted malts, vanilla and slight tinge of oak age bourbon in the scent. These aroma's show are very present in the taste too along with hazelnut and caramel floating around too. Beer Advocate lists this is an American strong ale but it tastes, looks and smells like a well crafted Imperial Stout meets a slightly less boiterious scotch ale done with a Great Lakes slant. Not as thick feeling in the mouth as was anticipated from it's color and scent but it's far from thin. A cream feel in the finish leaves a chocolaty coat down the throat but not much of an alcohol burn or too much of a boozy taste despite it packing over a 9% abv.
I just finished mowing the lawn and though something a little more seasonal and crisper would've been more appropriate than something as dark and full as this. When the winter months roll again though this'll be something to turn to for a warming effect.

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