Jun 16, 2008

Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron

Ever wonder if there's some kind of "My dad can beat up your dad" competition on who can top each other in the world of wood casked beer brewing's? "We aged some in a oak barrel?"
"Just one oak barrel. Pfft. We've got two of them."
A third voice says "So what. We've got 3 oak barrels plus one made of applewood and hickory two". On and on it goes. Before one of them can try to pull out a zinger like "We cut down a 200 year old redwood for ours" along comes Dogfish with something so outrageous it has to be true.
Aged in a 10,000 gallon tank made of Palo Santo wood from Paraguay and at a 12% abv it possibly will be one of future legends.
Damn! This is some thick looking stuff or what? Ain't no light getting through this at all. We're talking the looks of motor oil. Thin head fades pretty quick but a quarter in cap sticks around for quite a bit of the duration. A mellow roasty wood smell with notes of chocolate, coffee and molasses.
For as thick as it looks it's has a nice body. A creamy fluff in the mouth. The alcohol content in this a very deceiving because the brew has such a mellow taste. Slow roasted coffee with a hearty amount of vanilla and a dash of maple syrup. A kiss of hops in the finish and a nice warming in the chest as it goes down. There's quite a few levels of complexities from start to finish so the high end booze content is hardly noticed but watch out cuz it will sneak up behind ya.
Dogfish Head has already discontinued this round and it's anyone's guess when it will be back again. I've cellar stuff just here and there. I haven't made much of a habit yet but these are the perfect kind of brown bottled elixir for such a thing. I laid two down on their sides in the little corner of the basement that seems the most conducive for such a thing and will go over to crack one of these when the lean, mean, cold winter months set in.


wheat said...

Like a wyrd whiskey?

Carlo(ad)s said...

or a pot pipe made of a tree from canada

Dale said...

Trees from Paraguay grow in Canada?