Jun 10, 2008

DEAD GHOSTS "What To Do" 7inch

Two tunes from a Vancouver combo that travel down a rocky road of folksy jangle punk. "What To Do" is a catchy number about boredom that drips of Black Lips Let It Be-isms along with some Spaceshits snot and drunken doo-wop woo-oh-oh's thrown in for good measure. "God Only Knows" (not the Brian Wilson composition) also leads people to grab for a B'Lips comparison especially when they do that thing that sounds like they're recording of a room of pea soup thick cannabis smoke but then have them being dragged down a dusty trail by horses rode by the Demon's Claws when they're in one of their cocaine cowboy moods.


Anonymous said...

black lips / let it be?? like black lips meets later shitty beatles music? sweet

Dale said...

Actually I meant the Replacements Let It Bleed and a bit of the Modern Lovers.

The Beatles did 42 albums, right? Only 3 of them are really good.

carl(oa)ds said...

just come out and say it dale


stop being so nice all the time.

Dale said...


If I was to say that wouldn't I have to explain that the Black Lips sound like the Keggs covering songs by the Association then?

Anonymous said...

i like this review, lets party