Jun 7, 2008

BLANK DOGS "In A Web" 7inch EP

Gurgling and sub-atomic sounding most folks have already drawn a line in the sand on how they feel about these misplaced spacemen. Sounding like the moment was captured on a taped over 10 times chrome cassette that could easily be confused with a recording of someone playing Crispy Ambulance and Devo demos on a distant AM station. Bouncing off the ionosphere with that vibrating wow's and buzzing flutters due to sunspots and other faraway broadcasts breaking in between the waves. It's either music to the twisted ear or makes 'em cover them cuz they were hoping for something a little more "normal".


wheat said...

zzzzzzzz! overrated!

carson said...

maybe not zzz but I think the thing has ran it's course

wheat said...

Not On Ebay.