Jun 4, 2008

BAD SPORTS "All The Time" and "No Rest For The Wicked" 7inch EP's

Two sweets slabs of loud rock-n-roll songs that once are in your head will get stuck and stay there for days if not weeks or months.
Another Denton, Texas band featuring TV's Daniel at the helm these two records land somewhere in between the short bus genius of his stuff in the Wax Museums and the hot rod dirt eating that is the Pumpers. It hits the ground in a ball of fire and is off running.
The Boom Chick single's a-side, "All The Time", is a mod punk rave up take on junkshop glam turned up to ten and cranked through a pair of blown out headphones. On the flip "Hey Ok" is loud lunkhead punk that recalls the Damned and the Pagans but if both did records for Rip Off and "Asshole With The Girl" snags a bubblegum guitar lick, drags it through the dirt and drops it off all bruised and battered on it's porch step when it's done.
"No Rest For The Wicked" kicks off the Big Action single with a large dose of '70's Lone Star punk followed by "Oh Oh Oh" which has more than a whiff of the Wax Museums with it's retardo back-up voices in the chorus and cat fight guitar solo. The b-side's "No Good" takes a surf run, puts through an obnoxious flange pedal here & there and makes it drink battery acid. It ends with "Hand It Over", a song about school bullies stealing lunch money, which is like a lost Teenage Rejects classic someone found on a cassette underneath the seat of someone's car.


wheat said...

i like the boom chick single better. would rather have a wax museums lp though.

Dale said...

The Boom Chick one is hooky. The Big Action one is more out-n-out punk rock.

Yeah, A Wax Museums album would be cool.

wheat said...

So who the fuck are the Teeneage rejects?

Orville said...

What do you mean by "TV's Daniel at the helm"? I realize this post is from awhile ago, so perhaps I should not expect a response but I'm curious about where and how you get your information. Do you ever ask bands questions about their records before you "publish" a review?

Dale said...

Perhaps "at the helm" wasn't the right choice of words...I take it you're "at the helm", right? He seems to be in every other Denton band though and he's in this one.

Yes, I ask questions all the time. Ya wanna do an inteview? Perhaps I should stop buying records altogether next?