May 7, 2008

the THINGS "Wild Psychotic Sounds" 12inch EP and "Tiger" 7in EP

Rock-n-roll out of Ireland but don't expect anyone to drop names like Thin Lizzy when discussing them. That is, unless they are being lazy and/or haven't really listen to the songs on these two slabs. I suppose one could mention something like the Undertones though but it would just be in passing. '67 gets in a tangle with '78 and invite a bit of glam rock to go along for the ride. Despite such genetics it may not be the cutest baby produced by such experiments but puts up enough of a fuss to get some people to pay attention to it. Heavy organ (some times sounding they were kidnapped from a drunken frat party and others picked up off the floor at a Procol Harem practice) wheeze along head to head with some 3 chord guitar grunt that takes it inspiration from not only from such obvious nods as the Sonics but the Cramps & Slade as well and a backbeat that could, for the lack of any other off the top of my head description, best be described as "Ramonesesque".

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