May 27, 2008

RTFO BANDWAGON "New Jack" 7inch EP

The "Sister Ray/Sweet Jane" warm buzzed rhythm that launched a billion basement band's seems to be revered at several different levels on these three songs. It's hard to envision the Velvets playing on the back of a flatbed truck covered in thorny vines and and the weirdest of looking flowers out in the middle of an abandoned apple orchard. With Matt of Psychedelic Horseshit playing drums on this record the Columbus, Ohio virus of an off-time chug & off-key guitars blare into intertwining sheets of goosebumpy bliss is dripping enough to back up the brains but it's organic instead of chemical. The "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing" Coca-Cola jingle singers hitching a ride with the Cherry Blossoms on a trip to the general store in town to pick up supplies are the spoonful of (raw) sugar helping that help whatever bitters go down easier.
Video for "Mother's Might"

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