May 9, 2008

RIC RHYTHM & the REVENGERS "Free Love Free Guns' 7inch EP

This is what happens when you mix a Pagans jones with a bunch of pills and wash it down with a beer you found at a piss warm beer found in the parking lot after a Woggles show. A dirty, degraded wozziness that keeps falling down in a gutter tempered with a get happy and groove all around and dance (though maybe not as much or a goofy as the Woggles dude does. He's one of a kind.) all night feeling permiates through this 4 songer. The recording is far from slick but it's not all trashed out lo-fi either. Don't let the cover that looks like something that would fit more on the front sleeve of some Crass wannabees from Alpena CD-R put you off either if ya think this might be your thing. These guys are from Nebraska and if they don't feature a member or two of Brimstone Howl it's most positive they've puked out in the same woods after a latenight kegger and corn roast.

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