May 30, 2008

the PLUTONES "Goin' To Memphis" 7inch EP

Weren't there a bunch of jokes going around a decade or so ago about the French space program? Maybe it was longer ago. I do remember working midnights and cashing my check at an old guy bar on Friday mornings around that time and always hearing an old crank or two shouting it out to whoever else was in the room at 7:45 AM. The French DID have a space program but their first mission the Plutones were behind the controls of the ship and deliberately ignored the moon and designed their route to crash the rocketship right in front of the place where the Oblivians recorded Soul Food. They tried to go sightseeing but their dripping burnt flesh from re-entry and radioactivity from he engine built to propel them past the ozone had people fleeing for safety. Those brave enough to hang around found their eardrums bleeding by the delayed sonic boom the band whipped out of their spacesuits and started running some instruments through it.

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