May 13, 2008

PLEXI 3 "We Know Better" 7inch EP

To look into the future it's best to take a step back in the past. Plexi 3 have one eye on moderne sleekness and the other on the obtuse, flashy and unique over the top design of the past. Part girl-group drama & Midwest quirk, a bit of surly attitude yet all sparkly. Both of side one's tunes, Wendy's "We Know Better" and Ryan's "Stabbing Fantasies" (both with Wendy doing the main vocals), are like the most favorite tracks of any given Messthetics comp, trimmed away the excess fat then kicked it in the ass and ordered them run as fast as they can. Side two is a cover of the Radiators From Space's "Enemies" that keeps loyal to the original but doesn't at all attempt to be some kinda replica and succeeds on it's own.

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carlo(ad)s said...

So whats the story about the flips then?