May 19, 2008

the PIZZAS "Bad Ass Youth" 7inch EP

The front cover artwork alone is a signifier that the record is probably gonna rock even before the needle gets dropped. A skeleton hand, snake, dinosaur head, cheap guitar and much, much more worked into the illustration. Shit, even if it didn't rock the sleeve exudes enough rock-a-tude where even of the tunes on the actually record didn't 100% rock it would still get a passing grade.
If the record came without it's totally rockin' sleeve though this record would still kill. Three loud pedal to the metal hit-n-run trash rock blasters that take a good look at the annoyance of high school type of cliques (dressing stupid but thinking it looks cool, mindless rebellion that feels so good and popularity) that knocks ya over the head with a snot encrusted hook bringing back memories of Rip Off Records heyday.

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